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Video Production Intern

About Diply

Diply is a leading digital publisher with 130M fans across Lifestyle, Entertainment and Trending News categories. Launched in 2013, Diply creates some of the most engaging, shareable and interesting content on the internet each and every day. Creators at Diply use awesome formats to entertain their audience including videos, live features, listicles,  stories, memes and articles. Diply lives at the intersection of art + science to connect the most engaging content ideas with fans on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter.

Your Role:

As an enthusiastic video jack-of-all-trades, you’re tasked with assisting in the creation of video content that resonates with our audience. You will shoot, edit, schedule videos, assist in the organization of our extensive back catalogue and aid in the tracking of video performance on Facebook and Snapchat.

Accountable for

  • Assisting the Video Producers and DIY Specialist in any capacity that will increase the efficiency of production/post-production

  • Work towards self-sufficiency in shooting and editing complete videos for release.

Measured by

  • Weekly quota of completed shoots and edits.

  • Video performance upon release on Facebook or Snapchat

  • Timely and comprehensive cataloguing of our video inventory.


  • Assist in shooting/editing of videos until you are ready to lead your own projects.

  • Track video performance and maintain stats documentation.

  • Assist in archiving completed projects with an aim to searchability.

  • Appear in videos as an onscreen personality as needed.

How You’ll Achieve Success:

  • Identifying Areas for Improvement 

           - Look for ways to improve processes to save time and increase production/quality.

           - Understand the workflow in order to anticipate the needs of the producers and specialist in                              advance.

  • Time Management 

           - When not working on an immediate assignment, continue on one of the long- term projects.

           - Use the video release schedule to inform your priorities.

  • Improve Video Quality and Quantity 

           - Familiarize yourself with the components of a successful video and apply them to your own                             projects.

           - Learn techniques you can use when shooting to make your editing time shorter and vice-versa.

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