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SEO Managing Editor

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The Editorial Department is responsible for the creation of Diply.com’s core product: content. Managing Editors are responsible for the production and performance of a team of specialized contributors at scale, as well as generating ideas that can easily translate into stories, listicles, lessons and videos for specific category audiences. The role of the Managing Editor is to curate a consistent pipeline of high performing content using a combination of category experience, data from SEO tools, audience expertise from SEO Strategists, and a developed sense of intuition around what makes for great query driven content.

Accountable for

  • Leading the creation of a data backed content production plan including quotas against net new SEO topics as well as updates to existing high ranking content

  • Developing a repeatable process that turns SEO insights into traffic success
  • Managing the consistent production and performance of your contributors

  • Sourcing a reliable network of category expert contributors

  • Ideating successful content measured as ranking high for SEO rank

  • Cross department collaboration on video production assignments

  • Proposing category style, tone and voice guidelines for the department

  • Identifying and proposing new content categories with high SEO growth opportunity

  • Optimizing articles with proper meta data for SEO rank

Measured by

  • Producing articles that generate significant organic site traffic through queries

  • Content ranking in the top 10 search engine results by query

  • Volume of sessions and time on site at or above category benchmark

  • Consistent delivery of content production

  • Collaboration with social editorial peers to foster on-site community

  • Ability to accommodate commercial requests into editorial strategy


Success Factors

  • Owning the results of your category as an Editorial Leader

  • Using SEO data to learn what content resonates with audiences and improve your hit rate on future content

  • Upholding editorial content standards within your department

  • Relied upon to write and keyword optimize content as needed as a highly contextual player/coach member of the team

  • Curious about data, driven by performance, passionate about the category, humble to learn, confident in yourself to lead others

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Max File Size 15MB (pdf, docx)