We're Hiring A Lifestyle Writer

Are you a whiz at lifestyle writing for digital platforms?

Then bring your approximately 2 years of experience to the largest network of social properties around the globe - Diply. We have 130M fans across Lifestyle, Entertainment, DIY and Crafts, Parenting, and more for you to unleash your talents in creating engaging, informative, humorous and relevant content.


You might know us for some of our social brands: Crafty, Mommy Needs Vodka,  Aunty Acid and Diply Facts!. As a member of our Lifestyle content team, you will be writing for an audience who loves eating, drinking, socializing, gardening and DIYing - mostly gals who are fun-loving, open-minded, and the type to embrace life fully.

This is the right role for you if you...

  • Embrace the challenge of quickly producing high-quality articles, from conception to completion, that are engaging and humorous.

  • Innately know how to make topics interesting and relatable, and generate headlines that get a reaction from readers.

  • Can write on a wide range of lifestyle topics from hilarious baby taco booties and moms embracing their postpartum bodies to the latest hair trends and how to make a charcuterie cone (bonus points for crafting and being a DIY-er).

  • Thrive in a very fast-paced environment, where you have to balance many tasks, topics, priorities, and deadlines all at once.

  • Tune into internet trends and pop culture, totally aware of what’s happening in the viral space the day it happens and ready to flex or pivot when necessary.

  • Comfortable taking initiative, working in collaboration with others, and love being part of a tight-knit community of like-minded individuals always ready to lend a hand.

  • Totally open to feedback and redirection on your writing, embracing the opportunity to learn, mastering your craft and producing the best product.

  • Have ever engaged in a heated debate on knit vs. crochet (or other similar matters)!

About This Role:

The Lifestyle Writer develops written content for different formats based on ideas assigned by the Managing Editor of Lifestyle or for their own ideas successfully pitched, in keeping with the editorial calendar. The role is also responsible for self-editing and filing all completed articles into the system for distribution across the different platforms on which Diply publishes content.

Please note:

* you only need about 2 years of direct experience for this role, so if you are more experienced / senior, then this isn’t the right role for you and we are not currently recruiting for other writing roles; 

** Diply has offices in both Toronto and London (ON), and our preference is to hire for either of these regions (or close to).

If you are interested, please complete the questions and include both a copy of your resume and a cover letter that includes a hilarious personal story that will resonate with us hard. 

Candidates without cover letters will not be considered.

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