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We're Hiring A Content Writer

We’re looking for someone who is super excited about spending their days writing the most shareable, interesting, and relatable content on the internet.

If you’re fluent in meme culture, and fast with your fingers — we want you! Think you’ve got what it takes? Apply to our offices in Downtown London or Toronto, Ontario.



Home Decor, Parenting, Style and Beauty

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Pop Culture, Hot Gossip, TV and Movies


Trending + News

Breaking News, Bizarre Facts, Uplifting Stories

More About The Role

You’ll spend your days creating cheeky, useful, and informative content that is compelling to our audience. You’ll write articles about a diverse range of topics that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family. You’ll thrive in a booming industry while creating content for one of the largest audiences online, period.

The Skills You Need

  • 2+ years of experience writing for a digital publishing company.

  • Jacked written and verbal communication skills and you aren’t afraid to flex ’em.

  • Excellent self-editing skills and a clear writing style.

  • The innate ability to consistently make topics interesting and relatable, and you know how to get a reaction from your readers.

  • You can track content performance and interpret and learn from data using tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Insights.

  • From conception to completion, you can create articles exceptionally quickly without compromising quality.

  • You have experience in a very fast-paced environment and can balance many tasks, topics, priorities, and deadlines at once.

  • You love to spend hours on the internet and you’re down to get paid for it (don’t lie, you do it anyway).

  • Bonus points if you include in your cover letter a hilarious personal story that will resonate with us hard.


The Ideal Candidate

  • A passion for clear, correct writing and a sharp eye for detail.

  • Experience writing for social media publishers.

  • You not only accept change, but seek it out — the viral space is always changing and so is Diply.

  • You understand how things go viral and why.

  • You love reading, writing, and sharing gut-wrenchingly funny articles for a millennial audience.

  • The ability to be engaging, humorous, and relatable in your work.

  • Comfortable taking initiative, working in collaboration with others, and mentoring those who need it.

  • In tune with internet trends and pop culture and you’re aware of what’s happening in the viral space the day it happens.

  • Familiar with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Imgur, Pinterest, Instagram, and Reddit.

  • You’ve been told you have an awesome attitude.

  • Available to work at least 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday, with the writing team in our downtown London, or Toronto Ontario office.

  • It is considered an asset if you have ever engaged in a heated debate on which cordless drill is the best.

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